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He was his happiest day. A relationship does not need words to describe. Until now that friendship has been cultivated for more than 6 years! Their story is not overnight success one-night stand??? No no no no , silent relationship that had experienced many times prickly debate, both the care and the understanding. I like you before when we were trainees, but I like you better now. We grew up together for six years…and I love our relationship. Thank you always, and love you lots! Though many of you may not see any signs, but those who understand the feelings for the other two said they would have gone through many ups and downs since from when they were students. During an English idiom like this:

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SNSD held a concert twice in two days, and performed for 24 excited fans. The SNSD on screen looks so different. The more we hear things like that, the more we think that we must work even harder. What do the girls think their strengths are and what makes them so popular? Tiffany said she heard that it was because of the global network environment, because they were able to spread their name without even promoting in that country.

Run Devil Run Run Devil Run Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun Lyrics/작사: 홍지유 Composer/작곡: Busbee, Alex James, Kalle Engstrom Arranger/편곡: Busbee, Alex James, Kalle Engstrom Romanization Korean Translation ttokbaro hae neon jeongmal Bad boy sarangbodan hogishimppun geudongan nan neo ttaeme kkamppak sogaseo neomeogan geoya .

Ok, everyone’s shitting themselves in either rage or schadenfreude right now but let’s take a step back to look at the bigger picture that netizens have yet to pick up on. Jessica posted the following message on her Weibo to kickstart this all off: SNSD are the new iljin bullies ready to be crucified on the internet.

Ever since their debut, the two of them have been packaged together as some freaky Korean-American English-speaking twin couple. But that was totally fine until this fateful interview. Which Girl’s Generation member are you closest to? That hurts even more!! Tiffany never expected to be publicly humiliated like that, not expecting her to break the sacred Calisisterhood they shared.

Turning to Taeyeon in her emotionally delicate state, the TaeNy ship was born and with it the seeds of revolution. Just look at Tiffany shove this cake down Jessica’s throat, Jessica could have choked on that For more watch this fanvid You see, Sunny’s just out here tryin’ to do Sunny nawmean, but Jessica adamantly puts her foot down on it each time.

Taetiseo (태티서) – Twinkle

She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years until last July and shared some insight view of the industry we were talking until 4 in the morning. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here. Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread. That immortal thread because I want to hear her view about it.

So here they are:

Romanization Japanese Translation; Yeah, let’s go. moteru dake ryoute ni tsukamitotte Go away nigedasu no yo sugu ni (Don’t you know that I’m serious huh?teokure ni naru mae ni. We gotta escape.

B Date of Birth: May 15, Zodiac Sign: Sunny was in Kuwait when she was just a baby, around the time of the Gulf War, that is why she is afraid of loud explosions. Sunny does not go to college but she did finish high school. Sunny says that its more important now for her to chase the dream of being a good singer than to try to chase two rabbits at once. Its better to chase one rabbit then another.

Lý do Sooyoung, Tiffany và Seohyun rời khỏi SM Entertainment đã được tiết lộ?

Nobody can be as badass as Soo, yo! She eats an average of times in a one day. Soo never had a boyfriend. Taeyeon busted out one of her sleeping habits: She can eat 3 scoops of ice cream in 5 minutes. She was once asked for a dare in a variety show to put on a swimming tube and do the Gee crab dance in a coffee shop.

Taeyeon’s talents came from her parents Her dad was a vocalist in a band, and mom had won children’s song competitions when she was young. Taeyeon’s parents are very supportive. They let their children decide for themselves. Because of that, Taeyeon learned to take care of things on her own. Her Father once said, Taeyeon, ever since, has always been taeyeon Calm. Her brother once said, when Taeyeon was in middle school, she was already an ahjumma.

Taeyeon used to travel from Seoul to her home almost everyday on her trainee days. School work is the main reason.

SNSD: Choi Soo Young

As a member of Girls’ Generation — one of the defining girl groups of modern pop, considered “The Nation’s Girl Group” at the height of their fame in South Korea — the year-old singer and dancer has already experienced international success over the past decade to a degree most of her fellow K-pop idols could only dream of achieving.

Now, with each of the members of the group focusing on individual endeavors following their 10 year anniversary celebration in , HYO’s opted to pave a musical path of her own, but with a slight twist — record scratch! While the career shift might generate some skepticism, rest assured, this is far from a pop star putting on a pair of headphones and pretending to twist the knobs behind the booth: HYO’s been putting in the work training on turntables and learning the technical ins and outs to prepare for her official debut as a DJ for years.

With this month’s release of her tropical House reintroduction, “Sober,” a collaboration with Dutch DJ Ummet Ozcan released in both Korean and English, DJ HYO confronts the expectations she’s up against — both as an established pop superstar and as a woman — by making it clear that she’s not looking to be tied down

He is the one who secured the deal and it’s based in Hong Kong of all places. In all cases when somebody is overly friendly to you and invests large amounts of sum, that person wants something from you. If you’re liable for damages that they produced assuming the designer line is managed and produced by another group probably an affiliate of Tyler Kwon then that places Jessica under their domain because now they have control over the designer line’s success which i think is meant to fail.

Even the instance of investment, that kind of invisible treaty between two parties, automatically places her, the client, psychologically and systematically under their domain. So he basically bought her. Now, I’ve been reading her statements how she wants to tell her side of the story. If i am analyzing her statements correctly and what is under her statements, it’s not the actual content of her statements that is troubling about her business, but the manipulation effect how she perceives this problem.

It genuinely screams she is being directed to think a certain way and that she is being betrayed by her members and so forth.. Here is what Jessica can do to get out of this mess, Distance yourself from everyone who is trying to tell you what to do.

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Believe me when I say I actually thought about this for quite some time. And I still love them all bit by bit. So without further ado: Ryeowook also screams virgin in my mind. He just seems a little fragile imo. Yesung is pretty much open to anything, so maybe he did it before debuting.

I repeat, Dookong is in. Four men immediately began to shove people around, clearing the pathway that led towards the waiting area. Kim Taeyeon stepped out from the passenger’s seat of her limousine. It was already 1: She hurried to where Sunny stood. You have less than 10 minutes before race starts,” Sunny politely informed Taeyeon.

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According to reports, Hyoyeon and a male friend were joking around when she accidentally hit him in the face. While joking around, Hyoyeon knocked B’s hand away, hitting his eye in the process. At the time, Hyoyeon is reported to have said, “I’m going to fall to the first floor,” and acted as if she was going to follow through when B attempted to stop her and was hit in the eye area. Angry after the fact, B immediately went to the Yongsan District Police Department where he reported her for assault.

Both Hyoyeon and B were investigated on the day of the incident and the day after. B stated at the police station, “I reported her for hitting me when we were playing around, but thinking about it, I don’t think she purposefully hit me.

The group debuted on 24 March with six members: I was going to review their latest comeback with Venus. Alas, because of a cruel twist of fate aka reading how much Wikipedia had on them I was heart-wrenchingly constrained to do so. Recently, there have been plenty of media coverage for the group that triggered my sympathy , respect , protectiveness and love.

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Soo Young is a very tough girl Here are some facts: Nobody can be as badass as Soo, yo! She eats an average of times in a one day. Soo never had a boyfriend.

Just recently we celebrated his 25th birthday by taking him kayaking in the ocean. I thought it was odd in the car on the way to our kayaking adventure that he continued to nod off-but he looked unusual, his head was tilted back and his mouth wide open-and I had seen him fall asleep before just not like that. I had even mentioned it to my daughter and she said that he was tired, so we excused it for that. The next day, he text my daughter and said he was heading back to teen challenge early-which was highly unusual.

My daughter asked why and he told her he had done something really bad over the weekend, she called him and he informed her that he had smoked heroine, and his family wanted him to leave so he was returning to teen challenge right away. My daughter told him that she could not see him this was a rule that she had set-she has never used drugs herself and she wanted to be clear with him that it would not be tolerated in their relationship. I and my husband after talking to our daughter contacted him and spoke to him and let him know that no matter how much it hurt her and us that we could not let him see our daughter any longer-mind you we are a very close knit family, our daughter is 28 and we guide our children to the best of our god given ability.

This young man comes from a very good family which Im finding out dosent make a difference when it comes to addiction. They were talking about marriage, I really did like him and would have been proud to call him son one day but I cant see my daughter or future grandchildren go through the suffering that might be involved if he keeps slipping up. Mind you, I have spoke to his mom and he has been in programs before and messed up like he did this time-his family has done all that they can for him.

I dont know what to say to my daughter because he wants to contact her it’s only been a week and she is so broken hearted, she dosent know what to do.

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Please take out with full credits. I compiled my information over a period of time. Why am I bringing this up? Because too many fans are very biased when it comes to this incident. Judging from the replies I got, it seems not many can reply without prejudice. I ask that you put away your prejudice for once, and face the truth.

Fany likes to scratch her body in her dorm 3. SNSD once left home without Tiffany by accident, and Tiffany actually came running after them in tears. Fany is the youngest among 3 siblings 5. Fany is the least who washes among the 9 members 6. Tiffany is actually the funniest in their dorm. Fany is obsessed with the color pink.

Fany likes to cry. Then she quit after 3 days. Tiffany is only unlucky that her mistakes in their performances are always the one captured by the camera…

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